Our Company

Lican Trade Corporation is a company established in South Florida since November of 2002.
Commercially we are divided into two units of Business, one of them has the objective of distributing all our products locally, from Orlando to the Keys, working every day to satisfy the necessities of over 800 supermarkets, dollar stores, gas stations, among others.

To make the best of this we work with a sales team and great transportation service that manages all our distribution.
The other unit of our business focuses on the sales to wholesalers and export.
Our mission is to offer the best service of pre and post sale.

We understand the responsibility of working with companies that are out of the country and that expect to receive exactly what they bought to be able to satisfy their clients.

It is our challenge to be able to satisfy our clients in everything that is in our power.
The principle capital of success in our company is our client; there is no business without a happy client.

We truly hope that this brief and concrete description of our company could be the start of a commercial relationship that could grow and develop with time for the better of our companies.

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